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Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs

Our scheduled roof maintenance programs can greatly extend the life of a roofing system at a fraction of the cost of replacement. A maintenance plan gives you the advantage of having a roofing professional’s expertise working for you at regular intervals through the year. In some cases, it may lead to the early detection of a problem with hidden damage caused by gutters, or flashing. Regularly scheduled maintenance gives a commercial property owner a chance to have necessary repairs made before they turn into emergencies.

In the event your roof is damaged in a storm, by hail, or by falling debris, don’t delay! Call DeShazo Roofing immediately. We are “on call” to provide emergency repairs in the event of a major leak, penetration or structural damage. We take quick action to help minimize damage. Then we’ll return to complete more permanent roof repairs.

DeShazo Roofing can repair and install roofing systems
for government and non-government clients. Our work can be seen on:

• Office buildings
• Malls
• Manufacturing facilities
• Multi-unit housing
• Apartment buildings
• Churches
• Schools
• Municipal buildings
• Condominiums
• Warehouses
• Historic buildings
• Hospitals


DeShazo Roofing is experienced in the installation and repair
of all commercial and industrial roof types, to include but not limited to:

• Built-up Roofing
• Modified Bitumen Roofing
• Single-Ply Roofing
• Asphalt Roofing Shingles
• Drains, Crickets, Scuppers, Built-in Gutters, etc.