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Roofing Contractor - Commercial - Residential - J.King DeShazo III Inc.Your Gutter Fix ‘em! – Why You Should Maintain Your Gutters Regularly

Posted by Nicholle Anderson – J.King DeShazo Roofing
Gutters are one of the overlooked parts of the house. Though they may seem insignificant to the protection of your home, they actually hold the key to keeping your home’s good condition.
The Importance of Being Prepared
When maintained well, the gutters’ role extends beyond just collecting water deposits. Here is what experts at have to say:
Gutters and downspouts work hard to protect your house from moisture damage. If gutters leak or downspouts are clogged, water can spill out and accumulate near foundations, soaking the soil and causing foundation walls to settle. In worst-case scenarios, moisture-laden soil presses in on basement walls, causing bulging and cracking. Water can even be forced inside by means of hydrostatic pressure…
• Clean leaves, sticks, needles and seeds from gutters, scooping out debris with a garden trowel or gloved hand.
• Don’t try to remove the debris with a hose because that may cause downspouts to clog.
• Remove the pasty goo made up from the tiny granules from asphalt roofing shingles that have mixed with dirt and water.
• Flush out residual matter, using a garden hose.
• To clean downspouts, turn on the hose full blast and thread it into the drain opening.
• Check gutters after flushing for pools that indicate low spots. Gutters should be sloped about one vertical inch for every 15 to 20 horizontal feet so that they drain properly. Adjust gutters as necessary.
Moisture damage can severely compromise the structural integrity of your home, as mentioned in the article.Make sure your gutters are working fine; fix problems as soon as you notice them.For instance, when you see wet spots on your walls, do not take them for granted. They may indicate broken gutters or water leaking into your home.
DeShazo Roofing, one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Richmond, VA, recommend that you regularly inspect your gutters. This will help you anticipate problems and fix structural issues immediately.
Reliable Hands
If you are unfamiliar with the proper methods, you need professional hands to do the job. Fortunately, you can contact DeShazo Roofing, reliable roofing contractors in Mechanicsville.We have the latest technical know-how and can provide the exact roofing solutions you need, particularly when it comes to your gutters.Contacting our renowned specialists as soon as possible or whenever you need an effective roof and gutter maintenance is a must.

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